8 Key Features of the Best Honolulu Realtors

Thinking of buying or selling a home in the Honolulu area? Then you’re probably on the hunt for a top-notch real estate agent. So… how do you find one? It all starts with a little research and a few phone calls. Here’s what to look for in the best Honolulu Realtors.

1. They’ve Been in the Biz Awhile

the best honolulu realtors have been in the business a whileOne of the biggest indicators of how good an agent is is how long they’ve been in the business. That’s not saying that a new agent can’t be good (we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?) or a long-time agent can’t be bad, but in real estate, you’ve got to be good to stay in the game!

2. They’ve Got Team Support

the best honolulu realtors have team supportWhat’s better than one great agent? A team of agents! An agent with the support of a team offers many advantages. For one thing, you know that you’ll ALWAYS be taken care of, even if your agent is out of town, working with another client, sick, or just unavailable. For another, teams often offer more specialized expert services, like specific Buyers or Sellers Agents, Closing Coordinators, Relocation Specialists, Marketing Professionals, and more.

3. They Communicate Often… & In Your Style

the best honolulu realtors are good communicatorsReal estate is all about timing and availability. Being able to get ahold of your agent when you need to—and in a method that’s convenient for you—is key. Ask about how the agent communicates—phone, text, email, etc.—and how often or what times of day they’re available.

4. They’ve Got Experience in Your Area

the best honolulu realtors have military expertiseAre you buying your first home? Relocating to the area? Investing or house-flipping? Purchasing luxury? Buying with the VA loan or relocating for military? Before you sign on with an agent, make sure they’ve got experience in your specific real estate situation!

5. They’re Not Completely Overwhelmed

the best honolulu realtors have time for their clientsIt might also be a good idea to ask about how many clients they currently have, or how many they handle on average. Bottom line: find out if they’ve got time for you! (Here’s another place an agent with a team has an advantage).

6. They Have a List of Recommended Vendors

the best honolulu realtors have preferred vendorsAgents who’ve been in the business awhile will develop relationships with local vendors, providers, and industry professionals and can make recommendations for trusted and reputable lenders, inspectors, attorneys, and more.

7. Their Current Listings Look Fantastic

the best honolulu realtors have great listingsYou can get a good idea for the level of service a seller’s agent will provide by taking a look at their current listings. Are the listings impressive—staged homes, professional photography, detailed and enticing listing description? Or do they fall flat? Besides sites like Zillow, where else can you find these homes? Social media? Their personal webpage?

8. They Just Feel… Right

the best honolulu realtors work well with youUltimately, real estate can be a very personal experience, so you’ll want to choose an agent you feel comfortable with, who communicates in your preferred styles, and ultimately, who just feels right.

Looking for a Great Honolulu Realtor?

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