9 Things to Know About Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii is pretty much the definition of paradise: turquoise waters lapping white-sand beaches, swaying palms beneath crystal-clear blue skies, lush green mountains rising off in the distance… and a hefty side of traffic, soaring price tags, and maybe a little lava. Well, no place is perfect, but that doesn’t mean living in Hawaii isn’t pretty spectacular.

Here are some things to know before you make the move to Hawaii.

Moving to Hawaii? Here’s What You Should Know:

You Might Feel a Little Island Fever

natural beauty in lualualei o'ahuTired of the scenery? Hop in the car, cross a few state lines, and see something new, right? Not so much in Hawaii. Getting from island to island isn’t too hard, but getting back to the mainland is no short (or inexpensive) trip. There’s no quick and easy way to somewhere else.

“There’s No Rush in Paradise”

moving to hawaii and relaxing by the poolEverything’s a little slower in Hawaii, whether it’s requesting building permits or waiting for your food order. So stop the rush, rush, rush and learn to relax a little bit. Life moves at a different pace in Hawaii, from walking and talking to shopping and dining to driving.

Traffic Can Be… Tough

moving to hawaii means dealing with more trafficThere’s no way to sugarcoat the traffic situation on O’ahu. Getting around Honolulu is no picnic during rush hour. You’d better learn the laid-back lifestyle ASAP—the average Honolulu resident spends about 50 hours a year sitting in traffic.

Those Unreal Warnings Might Actually Be Real

learning to deal with natural disasters when moving to hawaiiShark attacks, flash floods, tsunamis, cockroaches and biting insects, lava flows… along with the paradise of beautiful weather comes Mother Nature’s retaliation. If you hear a warning that sounds ludacris, you might want to take it seriously.

You Might Need Volcano Insurance

getting volcano insurance when moving to hawaiiDepending on where you live, especially on the Big Island, you might want to invest in a little extra home protection. Potentially dangerous areas are zoned based on their risk level, with Lava Hazard Zone 1 facing the greatest potential danger and Zone 4 the lowest.

You Get Discounts with a HI License

hawaii license plate on a local carThe sooner you embrace the local lifestyle, the sooner you can enjoy discounts and good rates at local hotels and restaurants. Plus, you don’t want to look like a complete tourist driving around with out of state tags!

There’s No Daylight Savings Time

forget daylight savings time when you move to hawaiiFinally, a state that gets it (along with Arizona). No need to remember if you’re “falling back” or “springing ahead”.

You Aren’t Hawaiian

learn hawaiian culture when you move to hawaiiEven people born in Hawaii aren’t Hawaiian—they’re locals. Hawaiian is a race of people, and if you want to belong and be accepted, you’ve got to learn to respect the native culture.

The Lifestyle is Aloha

home for sale in o'ahuIt’s hello, it’s goodbye, it’s laid-back, relaxed, and easygoing. Dress codes are casual, sundresses and slippers (AKA flip-flops) are the norm, and taking the day off to surf isn’t that uncommon. You might even pick up a little of the Hawaiian dialect (a unique blend of English, Hawaiian, and Creole).

Aloha and welcome to Hawaii!

Moving to Hawaii? Find Your Perfect Place to Call Home

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