Best Communities for Honolulu Commuters

While life on O’ahu is pretty fantastic most of the time, sitting in traffic for an hour every day during your morning commute might not be so fabulous. If you work in the city, where you choose to live can definitely affect how much of your day is spent stuck in the notorious morning traffic jam. So, here are some of the best communities for commuters.

Maikiki and Punchbowl

maikiki is one of the best communities for honolulu commuters

Located just southeast of Downtown in the foothills of the Ko’olau mountains, Maikiki and Punchbowl are quieter and more affordable communities. Here, you’ll find smaller single-family homes with unique charm, plus a share of mid-rise condos and more luxurious custom homes. It’s an easy 10 to 15 minute commute into Town or to Waikiki and, TheBus rapid transit is available to make the commute even easier.

Palolo Valley

palolo valley is one of the best communities for honolulu commuters

Just south of Maikiki and Punchbowl is the up-and-coming Palolo Valley. Once comprised of smaller, older single-family homes, Palolo Valley has seen a revitalization that has welcomed larger luxury homes alongside its more affordable homes and townhomes. You can find lots of shopping, dining, and amenities along Waianae Ave, and TheBus runs service to Town.

Hawaii Kai

hawaii kai is one of the best communities for honolulu commuters

Located in eastern Honolulu, Hawaii Kai is a fast-growing community filled with possibility. Featuring higher-end homes that bridge the gap between the more affordable Punchbowl or Makiki communities and the extravagant Kahala, Hawaii Kai is a great location for move-up buyers. There are newer developments and older homes, and the public school system is among the best in the area.

Salt Lake

salt lake is one of the best communities for honolulu commuters

On the other side of Town, closer to the airport and military bases, Salt Lake is a diverse, varied, and highly convenient community. Homes range from affordable to luxurious, and can be townhomes, condos, single-family homes, or even estates. There are lots of amenities and parks nearby, and it’s conveniently between the H1 and the H201 so you can easily reach Town, the airport, or military bases.

Pearl City and Aiea

pearl city and aiea are some of the best communities for honolulu commuters

Located north of Town along the East Loch of Pearl Harbor, Pearl City and Aiea are definitely more of a commute into the city, but they’ve got a lot of perks—like affordable living, tons of amenities, and easy proximity to all the military bases. You’ll find that in Pearl City and Aiea, your dollar goes a lot further than closer to Town, so if more house is important to you, this might be a place to consider. TheBust rapid transit service is also available.

Looking for the Perfect Place to Call Home on O’ahu?

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