5 Tips for Living in Hawaii on a Budget

Hawaii is known for being somewhat expensive, from the above-average housing and rental prices to the somewhat shocking prices of gas and electricity. The numbers alone deter a lot of people from ever moving to the island state, but life in Hawaii definitely has its merits! If you’re thinking of moving to Hawaii but concerned about how the prices might affect your wallet, rest assured—it’s very possible to live affordably in Hawaii.

5 Ways to Live Affordably in Hawaii

Is it possible to live cheap in Hawaii? Certainly. Will you have to make some adjustments from your current lifestyle? Maybe. But converting to island living is going to be a change from life on the mainland, whether you’re middle class or a millionaire. Here are some tips for making your dollar go further.

Find Affordable Housing

finding affordable housing in hawaiiYes, it’s possible for O’ahu real estate to be very reasonable. You just have to know where to look and what to look for. Areas like Kapolei and Ewa Beach have a lot of really great and affordable neighborhoods. Generally speaking, the West Coast and Central O’ahu are more cost-friendly than the Windward Coast and Honolulu.

Downsize Your Stuff—And Your Lifestyle

downsizing for less space and living on a budgetAnother thing that can help you find affordable housing is downsizing. Less stuff equals less space, right? Less space means a lower price tag, but it also means less money spent heating, cooling, and lighting your home. Another great thing about Hawaii is that year-round great weather means you don’t really need a garage, plus outdoor spaces like lanais are really less of an “outdoor space” and more of an extension of your home (without the extra price tag).

Walk & Bike More

biking more saves moneyIt’s no secret gas is pretty expensive in Hawaii—usually around $4.50 a gallon. Combat the higher prices by taking advantage of beautiful weather. Instead of driving everywhere, make your trip to the grocery store an enjoyable walk or bike ride.

Be Eco-Friendly

being eco friendly saves on monthly costsWhile you’re giving your car a break, you might try giving your utilities a little break, too. Be diligent about turning off lights. Hang a clothesline. Open windows instead of using air conditioning, and pull down blinds when you’re not home to keep the sun from overheating your house.

Shop Local or Shop Smart

shopping local when living in hawaii on a budgetHawaii has a pretty good system of farmers markets and local vendors that often offer fresh local produce and foods at lower prices than the grocery stores. Another way to save when you shop is to pay attention to the sales at bigger grocery stores, or to shop wholesale at stores like Costco.

Embrace the “Live Simple” Lifestyle

simple living on a budget in hawaiiLife in Hawaii has its own flow. There’s less rush-rush-rush and more taking the time to enjoy life and appreciate the little things. Simple living is big here—we’re less about the material stuff and more about the experiences you can’t put a price tag on.

Instead of spending money on entertainment, movies, going out to dinner, or even cable TV, take advantage of all the amazing things Hawaii offers completely free. Go to the beach. Visit a local park. Hike through a jungle or to a mountaintop. Dip your toes in a lagoon. Take a bike ride around your neighborhood.

Are You Ready to Make a Life in Hawaii?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Hawaii, then it’s time to contact RE/MAX Honolulu. We can help you explore the area, discover its beautiful cities and neighborhoods, learn more about military relocation, and relocate with ease. Give us a call and let us help you find the home that’s right for you.

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