What You Need to Know About Building a Home on O’ahu

Whether you just can’t seem to find a home that fits your needs or you’ve always dreamed of designing and building your own custom home, there are many reasons you might be considering buying land and building a home on O’ahu.

But before you get started, here are some important things to know about building in O’ahu.

Land is Coveted

land is limited for building a home on o'ahuOnly about 5% of the land in Hawaii can actually be built on, which means it might not be as easy as you think to find that perfect piece of property. However, you may be able to find a beautiful piece of land with an existing house on it that could be torn down or renovated.

You’ll find land for sale in a wide variety of prices, from under $100k to $5 million and over for highly coveted oceanfront land.

The Locations Can Be Limited

land is limited for building a home on o'ahuIf you want to custom build a dream home in Honolulu, it might not happen. Where you’ll find the most vacant properties are along the Leeward Coast, particularly in communities like Waianae, or in Central O’ahu.

If you have your heart set on a particular location where there’s nothing available, you may still be able to build a home by buying into a new community. It just might not be the custom-designed home you’re dreaming of.

Choosing the Right Builder is Important

carefully find a builder when building a home on o'ahuNot all builders on O’ahu are created equal, so do your research. Interview several builders and contractors, get quotes, references, and recommendations. Talk to past clients and visit sites of some of their past work before finalizing any decisions.

The Building Process Takes Patience

have patience when building a home on o'ahuBuilding a home isn’t fast, anywhere you build. And it’s crucial to understand that here in Hawaii, we operate on our own time of laid-back island living. Which means that when you request land development or building permits, it might take a little more time. Or if the surf’s up, you might find some of your workers have called in sick.

The Home of Your Dreams is Definitely Worth It!

building a dream home in hawaiiIt’s not easy to find the perfect piece of land, design the perfect home, and sit back and wait for it to go up… but the end results will definitely be worth the work! Some of the most beautiful, luxurious, and expensive homes in Hawaii (and America!) are custom-designed homes right here on O’ahu.

Building a Home on O’ahu?

If you’re considering buying land and building a home on O’ahu, then it’s time to contact RE/MAX Honolulu. We’ll help you explore the area, discover the perfect community, and find the perfect piece of land for sale. We can even connect you with top-rated local builders and vendors.

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