How to Find Affordable Housing in O’ahu Hawaii

Thinking of relocating to O’ahu or Hawaii but feeling intimidated by the above-average price tags on homes? Yes, Hawaii is known for its overpriced real estate—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a good deal. Here’s your guide to finding affordable housing on O’ahu.

Finding Affordable Housing in O’ahu

searching affordable housing o'ahuThe first step to finding affordable housing is to tweak your definition of “affordable” a little bit. It’s not so much about finding a great deal, but about finding something nice that you can comfortably afford. It might mean settling for less than the “perfect home” or getting used to the idea of longer commute times. That being said, here are some ways to up your chances of finding that “great deal” or the “dream home”.

Start in Kapolei and Ewa

new homes for sale in affordable ewa and kapolei o'ahuDon’t head to Kahala and hope to find affordable housing. Target your search to more affordable communities, like Ewa or Kapolei. These fast-growing towns have lots of new construction homes available, as well as some great neighborhoods, like Ewa Beach and Soda Creek.

Head Up the West Coast

affordable housing o'ahu on west coastActually, the whole Leeward Coast is a pretty good place to look for affordable housing. Farther north along the coastline in places like Lualualei or Waianae, you can find a lot of affordable options, even beachfront condos at reasonable prices. These communities have a more relaxed, rural feel of Old Hawaii, as well as a sense of neighborhood connection.

Take a Peak in Makiki

affordable condos in makiki honoluluIf you’re more of an urbanite, it can’t hurt to take a look at Makiki in Honolulu—where you can find condo prices way lower than a lot of the Honolulu area. It’s walking distance to downtown and public transit, close to shopping, dining, and other amenities, and has some great views.


Go Reserved/Affordable Housing

finding affordable housing o'ahu through the reserved housing actBefore you dismiss either of these programs, read up! Their “lower” income requirements are pretty reasonable, and what they do is pretty awesome—like let you buy a brand-new home under market value in one of Kaka’ao’s new developments (in the case of Reserved Housing), including Keauhou Place, Kilohana, or Kapiolani Residence, or many other homes (in the case of Affordable Housing).

Ready to Find Your Affordable Home in O’ahu?

If you’re thinking of buying a home on O’ahu, then it’s time to contact RE/MAX Honolulu. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its cities, learn more about its neighborhoods, and find the right home at the right price.

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