5 Signs It’s Finally Time to Make the Move to Hawaii

You’ve had that idea in the back of your head for a while now… Move to Hawaii. The turquoise waters, the breathtaking green mountains, the lush jungles, the laid-back lifestyle where the beach is never more than a few minutes away… but it’s never been more than just a dream.

Until now. Suddenly, your thoughts are turning more serious. Here are 5 signs it’s actually time to make the move to Hawaii.

5 Indications You’re Ready to Move to Hawaii

1. You’re Looking for a New Career Opportunity

looking for a new job is a sign its time to move to hawaiiWhether you’ve gotten an offer, have started applying to other jobs, or are just starting to brush off the dust on your resume, considering a career change is a sign that it’s time to try something new—in employment and location.

What’s more, the job market is pretty strong in Honolulu right now, with unemployment down to just 2.4% and the average annual salary above the national average.

2. You’re Dreaming of Hawaii

dreaming of hawaii is a sign it's time to move to hawaiiThe same commutes through traffic, the same old city views, the same restaurants and hangout spots have got you picturing white-sand shorelines and swaying palms every time you close your eyes. You don’t love your city or your community the way you used to.

It just might be time for something fresh and new to reignite a passion for your (new) hometown.

3. Your House Just Doesn’t Seem to Fit Anymore

it's a good time to buy a home in hawaiiWhether the kids have moved out and there’s too much empty space, or you’ve got new faces filling up space you don’t have, feeling the need for a new home can indicate a good time for relocation in addition to a new home purchase.

Plus, it’s a great time to buy a home in Hawaii right now! The market is strong, with home prices affordable—but definitely on the rise. There’s plenty of new construction and new development in the area, offering beautiful new options for buyers.

4. You Can’t Do Another Winter

escape winter weather when you move to hawaiiThe days of summer have passed and suddenly there’s a cold snap to the morning air, foretelling short winter days and cold winter nights on the horizon… And you don’t know if you can stand another winter of shoveling yourself out of snow every morning.

The weather’s always beautiful in Hawaii! So pack your bags and leave now… before you have to break out the snow shovel.

5. You’re Ready to Live the Hawaii Lifestyle

live the hawaii lifestyle when you move to hawaiiYou’re ready for days on the beach surfing and swimming and paddleboarding. You’re ready for endless adventures through lush jungles or on winding mountain trails. You’re ready for the bustling nightlife of Downtown Honolulu, for shopping in Ala Moana and local luaus on the beach. You’re ready to take a deep breath and slow down, embrace the lifestyle of living in Hawaii.

You’re ready. It’s time to move to Hawaii.

Ready to Make the Move to Hawaii?

If you’re thinking of relocating to O’ahu, then it’s time to contact RE/MAX Honolulu. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover the cities of O’ahu, uncover beautiful neighborhoods, and find the perfect home for sale.

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