6 Compelling Reasons You Need to Move to Hawaii Right Now

It’s no surprise residents of Hawaii love their home and their unique lifestyle of island living. From the white-sand shores of its many beaches to the high forests of its tallest mountain peaks, this amazing state has something for just about everyone. Here are six reasons it’s finally time to move to Hawaii.

The Weather’s Awesome… All the Time

move to hawaii for the great weatherThere’s lots of sunshine, low humidity, and when it does rain, skies clear quickly and are bright and blue again. Winter temps barely drop below 60 and summer temps don’t climb far above 70. But if you get tired of all the nice weather, feel free to rent out your house for a week to a summer-seeking tourist as you escape for snowy mountains.

The Natural Beauty is Unparalleled

move to hawaii for the natural beautyWhere else in the US can you find verdant jungles and jagged mountain peaks alongside white-sand shores and turquoise waters? Hawaii is also home to a spectacular and unique ecology of rare birds, plants, fish, and more.

It’s Outdoor Living Any Way You Want It

move to hawaii and go surfing after workWhat better way to finish off a day at work than with a surf, or a little snorkeling? Spend weekends hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, paddleboarding on the ocean, kayaking and canoeing rivers and inlets, or simply basking in your backyard enjoying spectacular sunrises and sunsets. You’ll never want to spend another moment inside!

The Job Market is Pretty Darn Good

move to hawaii and get a great jobNew development is springing up throughout Hawaii—new homes, new businesses, even new public transportation. Of course, tourism is a large industry here (who wouldn’t want to visit this great state?) but there are also robust opportunities in scientific and marine research, environmental technology, sustainable living, government and security, and military operations. Inf fact, Forbes even named Honolulu the #1 Best City for Jobs!

Life on the Island Moves at Its Own Speed

move to hawaii and relaxEver wish you could just… slow down time? Stop wishing; life actually does move slower here in Hawaii. Learn to love the relaxed lifestyle of island living, forget the rush, the hurry, and the stress. Come live the laid-back Aloha lifestyle of peace, respect, and love. Still want the amenities of big-city living with that relaxation? Welcome to Honolulu.

Healthy Lifestyles are Easy to Come By

move to hawaii and enjoy local produce and be healthyIt’s no surprise Hawaii is ranked as the “Healthiest State in the US” by Health.com. From plenty of outdoor activities helping to keep obesity rates (and stress levels) low, lots of options for locally grown and produced foods and goods, and even alternative medicinal practices, it’s hard not to be healthy in Hawaii!

Ready to Drop Everything and Come Move to Hawaii?

Sound like the life for you? Then it’s time… time to hop over to O’ahu and start exploring the area, the cities, and the neighborhoods. Learn more about buying a home or start searching for your dream home. Ready to get started? Just contact RE/MAX Honolulu.

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