Live Away from the Bustle, Work in Town in One of These Top Commuter Suburbs

beautiful neighborhoods on oahuEscape the hustle and bustle of downtown Honolulu and retreat to beautiful coastlines, quiet neighborhoods, or suburbs of high-quality everyday living—while still enjoying an easy commute to work or attractions in town. Live in one of these top commuter suburbs around Honolulu and your drive Downtown or to Waikiki will never be long.


Located just 10 or 15 minutes from Downtown and with access to a rapid transit bus system, Makiki is a top choice for those who want to be close to the action, but not quite in it. Plus, it’s known as one of O’ahu’s more affordable areas, though its houses have plenty of unique charm, and there are plenty of luxury options available for those looking for upscale neighborhoods.


Situated north of Honolulu along the Pearl Harbor coastline about 15 to 20 minutes from Downtown, Aiea is a great suburb for those looking for affordable housing, access to plenty of amenities, and an easy commute to town or military bases. It’s find an affordable neighborhoodhome to a few of its own attractions as well, like the Aloha Stadium, and the major Pearlridge Shopping Center is just minutes away.

Pearl City

Just north of Aiea is Pearl City, a similar suburb with similar perks and amenities. Easy access to Pearl Harbor and military bases, a short commute into town, and plenty of its own shopping, dining, and other amenities are just a few of the reasons residents choose Pearl City. Its housing prices are low, and with a wealth of its own businesses, services, and conveniences, as well as easy access to the Pearlridge Shopping Center, Pearl City is definitely a town to live a peaceful, everyday life.


Just east of Honolulu and Waikiki lies Kahala, one of O’ahu’s most upscale and luxurious areas and home to some of O’ahu’s wealthiest residents. Beautiful beaches and calm swimming holes, as well as ample sunshine, make Kahala an outdoor paradise, but it’s also home to its own town center of stores, restaurants, and businesses, as well as the Kahala Shopping Mall and a movie theater. stunning luxury homeIt’s only about a 15 or 20 minute drive from downtown, but Kahala is definitely not the place for those searching for a housing bargain.

Hawaii Kai

It’s one of O’ahu’s newest developments, as well as one of its fastest-growing. Located about 25 minutes outside of town, Hawaii Kai has a slightly longer commute, but offers plenty of beautiful new houses and neighborhoods, as well as the Koko Marina Shopping Center, home to the only movie theater in East O’ahu, a large supermarket, and plenty of restaurants and shops. Though it is more affordable than Kahala, Hawaii Kai’s housing does tend to target the luxury home buyer.


North of Pearl City on the H2 lies Mililani, an up-and-coming town bursting with new development of housing and businesses. Commute times are slightly longer, about 25 to 30 minutes, but there are many affordable housing options, and plenty of new development options. Miliani enjoys easy access to Wheeler Air Field, Schofield Barrack, and other military affordable neighborhoodbases located around Pearl Harbor, as well as plenty of its own shopping, dining, and amenities at Mililani Shopping Center.


Just north of Mililani, Wahiawa is a similar up-and-coming town with plenty of affordable housing options, and plenty of restaurants, shops, and other businesses and services. It also offers easy access to Wheeler Air Field and Schofield Barracks, and has a commute time of about 30 or 35 minutes to town.

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