Honolulu Ranked in the Top 100 Places to Live… Here’s Why

In Livability.com’s annual Best Places to Live study, more than 2,000 cities with populations between 20,000 and 350,000 were compared to compile a list of America’s 100 truly great cities. And unsurprisingly, the city of Honolulu, HI made the list in both 2015 and 2016!life in honolulu

How Did Livability Determine Their Rankings?

This was no haphazard study! Researchers carefully analyzed public and private data across numerous considerations, including economy, health, housing and cost of living, education, amenities, demographics, government, and outdoor recreation.

Where Did Honolulu Rank in the List of Best Cities in America?

Honolulu came it at #58, with its highest scores in Education, Amenities, and Demographics, though Health and Infrastructure were also high-ranking categories. An analysis of the Honolulu data went on to state that outstanding recreational opportunities, warm climate, amenities and attractions, notable schools, and strong outdoor recreation in honolulucultural diversity were among Honolulu’s best features.

Recreational Opportunities

Hawaii is a highly unique city in that it features the best of both outdoor worlds—mountains and ocean. It’s a hiker’s paradise, with endless opportunities for outdoor exploration that ranges from climbing mountains to traversing jungle to exploring inactive volcanoes. But it’s also a world-renowned surfing haven, a popular destination for watersports, and home to some of the most diverse and beautiful snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Warm Climate

Say good-bye to winter! The city of Honolulu enjoys a year-round moderate climate that ranges from winter lows in the 60’s to summer highs in the 90’s. But don’t worry about it being too hot—trade winds offer fresh cooling air all year round.downtown honolulu

Amenities & Attractions

Shopping, dining, nightlife, arts and entertainment, live events and festivals… Honolulu has it all. Whether you’re looking to stroll the vibrant arts scene of the Chinatown Arts Walk, catch a world-class performance at the Hawaii Theatre, explore the Honolulu Museum of Art, tour the Iolani Palace of monarchs of the Hawaiian Kingdom, pay respects at five historic Pearl Harbor sites, or simply enjoy the shops, restaurants, bars, and live events in one of Honolulu’s downtown neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone.


Unlike any other state in America, Hawaii has only one public school district. This district is broken down into seven smaller districts, which are then broken down even farther into city and town “complexes”. The schools of Honolulu’s complex enjoy high student test scores and overall rankings. Additionally, Hawaii is home toeducation in honoluluplenty of continuing educational opportunities, including the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, and several smaller colleges.

Cultural Diversity

Honolulu enjoys a unique blend of eastern and western culture. Everything from its cuisine to its celebrations bears strong ties to the traditions of its native Hawaiian people. Architecture, arts, food—the influence of its origins is still very much alive today, as are its people. From luaus to the Honolulu Festival, Hawaiian culture is always being celebrated.

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